The earth and myself are of one mind. The measure of the land and the measure of our bodies are the same.

Hinmaton Yalatkit (Joseph) Nez Perce

Mid American Indian Fellowships

  • A Network of American Indian Spiritual Groups
  • Assisting those seeking freedom to reclaim God-given indigenous heritage & identity
  • Bringing American Indian people back into community as peoples
  • Restoring indigenous culture through reclamation of indigenous oral tradition, ceremonies, agriculture & language
  • New! "Colonized vs Indigenous Thinking" series, under "Writings"

Associated Fellowships

Arkansas Indian Fellowship, Presently Inactive

Do'hi Soquili Indian Fellowship, Lawson, Missouri

Equoni Uwohali Indian Fellowship, Festus, DeSoto & St. Louis, Missouri

Indian Fellowship of Joplin . ., Joplin, Missouri

Kanalusguh Indian Fellowship, Holt's Summit & Hermann, Missouri

Marais des Cygnes Indian Fellowship, LaCygne, Kansas

Walela Indian Fellowship, St. Joseph, Missouri

White Spiral Indian Fellowship, Carthage, Missouri

Indian Fellowships Located in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas