The earth and myself are of one mind. The measure of the land and the measure of our bodies are the same.

- Hinmaton Yalatkit (Joseph) Nez Perce

Mid American Indian Fellowships

  • A Network of American Indian Spiritual Groups
  • Assisting those seeking freedom to reclaim God-given indigenous heritage & identity
  • Bringing American Indian people back into community as peoples
  • Restoring indigenous culture through reclamation of indigenous oral tradition, ceremonies, agriculture & language
  • New! "Colonized vs Indigenous Thinking" series, under "Writings"

Associated Fellowships

Arkansas Indian Fellowship, Presently Inactive

Do'hi Soquili Indian Fellowship, Lawson, Missouri

Equoni Uwohali Indian Fellowship, Presently Inactive

Indian Fellowship of Joplin . ., Joplin, Missouri

Kanalusguh Indian Fellowship, Holt's Summit & Hermann, Missouri

Marais des Cygnes Indian Fellowship, LaCygne, Kansas

Walela Indian Fellowship, St. Joseph, Missouri

White Spiral Indian Fellowship, Presently Inactivei

Indian Fellowships Located in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas